Fragrance has the ability to transform a space, alter a mood and rekindle memories. An often-overlooked element, scent can make a major impact on the ambience of your home. Using a special scent for each room allows you to give each space a distinct personality. From your bedroom to kitchen, here are our top picks to add charm to your home:

Entrance: Leave the chaos of the world behind as you enter your private sanctuary. The entrance of your home should be inviting and uplifting. Luminous, an intoxicating blend of white violet flowers, soft musk and sandalwood is sure to leave a good first impression.

Bedroom: Create a soothing environment with a serene and intimate scent for your bedroom. Scents like jasmine, lavender and ylang ylang are natural aphrodisiacs and promote relaxation. A little sexy yet subtle, Honeysuckle Jasmine is the perfect scent for your bedroom. This intimate scent is sure to promote relaxation and restful sleep.

Bathroom: Use clean and refreshing scents that can help transform your space into a spa. Avoid heavy smells that will overwhelm the space. Cool Fresh, an infusion of lime, white peony, vanilla and mahogany will blend effortlessly into your space, conjuring a crisp and clean feeling.

Living Room: For your living room, select scents that you would enjoy being around for long periods of time. Set candles tableside for ambient, soft focus lighting – perfect for entertaining. If you’re hosting a party, choose a lively fragrance that will get noticed. Zeal, a blend of orange, mandarin, neroli, musk and tonka bean, an instant mood enhancer, is sure to encourage guests to mingle.

Kitchen: For days when your kitchen isn’t smelling of baked goods, used a spicy or citrus scent to eliminate strong aromas. SMODOR, a fusion of orange, grapefruit and cinnamon is an invigorating spicy citrus fragrance for your kitchen.

Study: Improve concentration and fight mental fatigue with stimulating cinnamon. Perfect for your study, invigorate your mind with Red Spice, an old-time favorite of cinnamon with undertones of clove and nutmeg. 

Dining Room: Don’t compete with the food! For your dining room, opt for herbaceous or citrus based scents that complement the food aroma. Grapefruit & Mangosteen, Mandarin Lime and Lemon Verbena are great scents to neutralize stubborn cooking scents and set the mood for entertaining.

Guest Bathroom: No more embarrassing smells or cleaning up after your guests at a dinner party! Poofume, our, our Before & After Toilet Spray, is a must-have for all bathrooms. A blend of citrus, musk and sandalwood creates a shield and blocks any unpleasant odor.

Closet: Designed for use in small spaces, our scented sachets are ideal to gently perfume your closet. Hang the sachet in your closet or slip into drawers to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Other tips:

Use a mix of methods: From candles, reed diffuser, room sprays, and sachets, there are different ways to make your home smell amazing. Candles are best suited for intimate moments and for entertaining. Diffusers work effortlessly and continuously in small spaces to create an enveloping scent. For a quick burst of instant scent, use room sprays – these work well on linen and bed sheets. Use sachets to perfume your personal belonging; closets, lingerie, linen, gym bags, even shoes!

Scent according to the season: In the summer, use light and fresh fragrances. Choose energizing citrus based aromas that will boost your energy.

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