Niana is a luxury home fragrance brand specialising in eco-friendly soy candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and sachets. Each luxuriously textured product is finely finished by hand. Known for its unique fragrance portfolio, Niana aromas are subtle, evocative and eclectic.


Niana seeks to awaken your senses, to bring to your life and home, a deep sense of joy, serenity and illumination. We believe that fragrance has the ability to transform a space, alter a mood and rekindle memories. With a conscious commitment to our planet, Niana uses natural soy wax and cotton wicks for its candles, and sources the finest ingredients globally.


Working closely with companies that are pioneers in the highly specialised field of fragrances gives us exposure to the latest trends prevailing around the world. We do extensive research and consistently train ourselves to remain fresh, creative and innovative. Keeping customer insights and preferences in mind, we bring to you unique fragrances that reflect deep richness and complexity in their formulation. Our modern production lines reflect world class standards in design, quality and delivery.

Our Founders

Fueled by a love for fragrance, an obsession with candles and an intense desire to work with her hands, Niana was founded by Leena Labroo in 2011. Born in her kitchen, Niana became one of the first homegrown luxury candle brands in India. Named after her two daughters, Nisheeta & Aneesha, Niana is an expression of the purest love. Nisheeta joined Niana in 2015 and expanded the product range to include other luxury home fragrance products catering to individual, corporate and institutional buyers.


Drawing our core inspirations from the people we meet, our travels, memories, experiences and moments; all Niana products are symbolic of these explorations and discoveries. Our fragrances are inspired by flowers, spices, fruits, aromas that surround us everyday in our lives, favourite spots like spas, beaches and mountains.
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