Signature Range

36 products
A luxurious range of soy candles, reed diffusers and sachets in our signature blue floral packaging.
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Spring Summer

10 products
Evoke the tranquility of a garden with Niana's floral fragrances. Fill your home with the delicate fragrance of fresh cut flowers.
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7 products
Embark on an aromatic journey with Quest and Zeal. Set in fine bone china, these handcrafted luxurious candles will transform your space. 
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Signature Sets

5 products
The ideal gift - a set of three iconic fragrant candles. Indulge in our signature sets: Dessert, Floral, Fruity, Spa & Woody.
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2 products
Before & After Toilet Spray! A must-have for all bathrooms! No more wrinkled noses or embarrassing smells!
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Travel Tins

3 products
The perfect travel companion. Create the desired ambience wherever you go with our easy to carry containers.
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Fine Fragrance

8 products
Discover Enigma and Luminous. Add elegance to your home decor with this classic black and gold collection.
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