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Floral Set of 3 Candles
Recreate scents from nature's most delightful flowers. Sure to evoke memories and bring home the nostalgia of a garden.  Gardenia: An exquisite aroma with a sweet top note and a natural intense body. Juniper Breeze: A refreshing scent of forest greens,...
Rs. 1,650
Woody Set of 3 Candles
Oak Moss: This fresh scent combines patchouli and balsam fir wrapped in a sheer veil of white amber and Himalayan cashmere musk. Silver Fir: Distinctive, sweet and calming, the aroma from the Siberian pine tree evokes a wintery walk in...
Rs. 1,650
Dessert Set of 3 Candles
Crème brûlée: A traditional base of vanilla custard with a hint of caramelized sugar. Classic and perfect for every occasion. Strawberry Shortcake: Fresh strawberries and sweetened shortbread topped with strong whipped cream making it truly irresistible to all aficionados. Chocolate...
Rs. 1,650
Spa Set of 3 Candles
Breathe: A sophisticated blend of blue lavender and palmarosa that will truly calm your mind. Awaken: A spearmint, peppermint and wintergreen aroma to rejuvenate your body. Refresh: Fresh marine and citrus accords are blended with a hint of flowers and musk...
Rs. 1,650
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